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Apparatus And Method For Removing A Removable Tooth Positioning Appliance From The Teeth Of A Patient

Orthodontic Tool

Apparatus For The Continuous Separation Of Biological Fluids Into Components and Method of Using The Same

Brain State Recognition System

U.S. 2005/0251024

System And Method For Controlled Delivery Of A Therapeutic Agent To A Target Location Within An Internal Body Tissue


Combined Modulator And MP3 Player Having Socket Power Supply Adapter And/Or Universal Connector

Cup Shaped Cell Phone Holder

Portable DVD Player

License Plate Frame

Portable Speaker

Knob For Cooking Utensil

U.S. D55,166

Combined Modulator And Power Inverter

Camera And Display Device For Use With Vehicles

Ashtray Cup



Megasonic Cleaning Using Supersaturated Cleaning Solution

Apparatus And Methods For Reducing Damage To Substrates During Megasonic Cleaning Processes

Process Sequence For Photoresist Stripping And/Or Cleaning Of Photomasks For Integrated Circuit Manufacturing

U.S. 2006/0102287

Systems And Methods For Achieving Isothermal Batch Processing Of Substrates Used For The Production Of Micro-Electro-Mechanical-systems

Megasonic Probe Energy Director

Megasonic Cleaning System With Buffered Cavitation Method

Process Sequence For Photoresist Stripping And/Or Cleaning Of Photomasks For Integrated Circuit Manufacturing

Megasonic Cleaning System With Buffered Cavitation Method

Transducer Assembly For Megasonic Processing Of An Article And Apparatus Utilizing The Same

Method of Processing Substrates Using Pressurized Mist Generation


Method And Apparatus For Dynamically Displaying Real World Data In A Browser Setting

Image Projection System And Method

U.S. 2007/0127177

System And Method For Conditioning A Power Supply Transmission For Supply To A Load Circuit


System And Method Of Storing High Level Waste

Journal Bearing Having Self-Retaining Shoes And Method Of Using The Same To Support A Rotating Shaft

Below-Grade Cask Transfer Facility

Method And Apparatus For Maximizing Radiation Shielding During Cask Transfer Procedures

Seismic Cask Stabilization Device

Deaeration Of Makeup Water In A Steam Surface Condenser


U.S. 6,907,890

Capillary Drying Of Substrates

Forced Gas Flow Canister Dehydration

Membrane Dryer

System And Method For Point-Of-Use Filtration And Purification Of Fluids Used In Substrate Processing

Particle Barrier Drain

Chemical Concentration Control Device


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